Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jerry Colangelo Reneged On Promise

Colangelo used to say that he wants to send a basketball team to represent the USA, not a collection of All STars. How can he say that this current US Squad is anything but the latter? Too many guards, not enough big men. Not enough balance on the roster. Would have been worse if the smallish PF Blake Griffin wasn't replaced with Anthony Davis.

Wouldn't the U.S. team be better if they replaced Andre Igoudala with Kendrick Perkins? Perkins may be a role player, but he's a valuable one, giving the Americans the defender they need to handle the Gasol Brothers. See, the U.S. may have the best athletes and wing players, but Spain has the best big men in the Olympics. Gasols are all stars and Ibaka is one of the better PFs in the NBA.

I predict if the U.S. loses to Spain in the finals, Jerry will step down from Team U.S.A duties.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Suns Should Pursue Courtney Lee if Gordon Deal Fails

offer him around 3 years, 15-18 Million. Use Goran Dragic to recruit him. Promise Lee a starting Job. plus, the suns are the only team that can give him the minutes he wants. just look at the suns roster, how many shooting guards under contract do you see?