Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Only Way I can enjoy the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

So the east is set:

1. z-Chicago --
2. y-Miami 4.0
3. y-Boston 6.0
4. x-Orlando 10.0
5. x-Atlanta 18.0
6. x-New York 20.0
7. x-Philadelphia 21.0
8. x-Indiana 25.0

Now my team the Phoenix Suns will not be making the playoffs this year, which means I'm looking for other teams to get my interests up for the postseason. Usually I just ignore the East.

I will not be making a prediction on which teams are expected to win, but I will select winners based on

1) who I want to win. Personal bias
2) Which potential matchups in the ECSF will be more entertaining to watch

-First two series, Chicago v Indiana and Miami v Philly. I hope the Bulls and Heat sweep their opponents cuz I don't intend to watch those games.

-NY has a shot at beating the demoralized Boston Celtics. I hope they do. Amare's an ex-Sun and I'm rooting for him and D'Antoni. (will be watching this)

-ex-Sun JRich and Orlando, see ya at the semis. I'm hoping for a sweep vs the hapless Hawks. (Will be watching)

-Orlando v Chicago and Miami v NY is a hit in the boxoffice IMO. Those matchups will force me to continue to follow the East. Orlando upsets Chicago and Miami will prevail over the Knicks (sorry Amare)

-Florida series in the Eastern Conference Finals: Orlando v Miami, I don't care who wins. Will be watching this one.

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