Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is Charles Barkley a hypocrite for criticizing Lebron for leaving Cleveland?

Truehoop: "Charles Barkley sure appeared to go to Phoenix chasing a ring. And now he's sticking it to LeBron James for doing something similar."

another ignorant post. charles wasn’t criticizing lebron for wanting to win a title. He criticized him for abandoning cleveland and lack of loyalty.

Lebron could have stayed in Cleveland and still be a championship contender. But he chose to make Miami the contender.

as for barkley, there’s good reason why he wanted out of philly.

a) his public feud with sixer owner harold katz
b) his last year with philly sucked. they missed the playoffs. they were mediocre.
c) he’s going to a new team where they are 10 deep. miami has 3 stars and little bench.

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