Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Lebron should be insulted with Pippen Comparisons

Scottie Pippen may be a great defender and unselfish ballhandler and distributor, but he's one of the biggest chokers on that Bulls team, playing alongside one of the best clutch players in NBA history. He really can't shoot, and most of his shot conversions are layups, dunks or short shot attempts. He's a career 70.4% shooter. If teams were allowed to play zone during that time, his half-court offensive efficiency would be even worse-- with him shooting around 42-43% FG/season very likely.

I remember when Penny Hardaway was in his second year, I rated him higher than Pippen. And during that same time, Grant Hill I also considered a much better player than Pip.

Pippen may have led his team to 55 wins the year after Jordan's first retirement, but i chalk that up as them overachieving. The 2006 Suns also made it to the WCF without Amare, and this year's Blazers team won 50 games despite injuries from Roy, Oden, Pryzbilla, Batum, Fernandez. One thing you'll notice is that that 1994 Bulls team near the end was beginning to fall apart under Pippen's leadership. In 1995, they started so poorly they almost missed the playoffs, with the season saved by Michael's comeback.

So back to Lebron James. Yes, be insulted. You're the biggest star in the NBA and 2-time MVP, and they compare you to Pippen? Dwayne Wade is no Michael, but Wade > Pippen. IMHO.

ADD: At the end of the 1994 Bulls season, everybody wanted out of that team. Including Pippen.

2nd ADD: The rehabilitation of Scottie Pippen continues.

3rd ADD: Do you recall any Pippen game-winning shot moments?


BullsAttitude22 said...

Pippen was one of the biggest chokers on that Bulls team? Need I remind you of the game winner he hit against the Knicks in the 88 season, it is on youtube. Or the game winner against Sacramento in the 90-91 season. Or the 3 that put the Bulls up 8 against the Knicks in game 6 of ECF with a min to go, right in Starks face. The Knicks were making a run but Pip was the one who was closing out that game. Or the 3 against the Hawks in the 92-93 season, in which the Bulls came back from 15 down in the 4th. Pips 3 gave the Bulls their first lead with under a min to go. Or the dunk vs the Bucks in the 94-95 season which gave the Bulls the victory. The game happened a couple before MJs return.

Or the 3 that tied the game againsta the Pacers in MJs return. Pip nailed the 3 that tied it after the Bulls had been down 18. Or the dunk in game 3 of the 1st rd of 97 playoffs against Washington, that gave the Bulls the 1 point victory. Choker? Might want to rethink that.

For the 94 season, Pip did a tremendous job as leader of that Bulls team. If not for a terrible foul call from Hue Hollins in Game 5 of the series vs the Knicks, the Bulls probably go on to face Houston in the Finals. At the end of the 94 season, the only player that wanted out was Horace Grant. That was due to his fued with management and Phil Jackson.

Which leads me to the '95 season, in which the Bulls tried to replace their starting PF with Laryy Krystoviac? Really, you think that is a great replacement. Cartwright signed with Seattle, Paxson had retired, Scott Williams signed with Philly. This was not the 91-93 Bulls, this was a transition team in which Pippen led them in 5 CATEGORIES, becoming the first player to do that since Dave Cowens in the 70s. For Pip wanting to be traded, that was due to Jerry Krause lying to him about the proposed trade to Seattle for Shawn Kemp during the 94 Draft.

Seattle fans called into radio shows voicing their displeasure over the trade, so the Sonic management backed out. Thank god they did!!! Jerry Krause lied to Pippen about it and that is why Pippen carried that displeasure with management.

If it wasn't for Pip in '95, the Bulls are NOT in playoff position when Jordan returned on March 19,1995. They would have not been above .500 without PIPPEN.

Keep blogging your silly comments and I'll come back with more facts about Pippen and the Bulls.

Lebron is great but he lacks what MJ did, I can consider him a bigger stronger version of Pip. Hell, Steve Kerr said that after the Finals this year.

john marzan said...

This is the 88 pippen game winner.

But it's off a broken play. he got the rebound and just threw up a quick shot. Bulls never run plays for scottie to take the last game winning shot. Michael rarely looks to set up scottie for game winners if he's doubled.

scottie should be ashamed to compare lebron to jordan. he should be insulted to be compared to lebron.