Monday, August 23, 2010

Why FIBA chose Lebanon over the Philippines in hosting next FIBA Asia Championship

lots of complaining over here.

the philippines isn't serious about it's international basketball participation anymore (just look at the PBA's actions of denying their players for the NT), that's why we got spurned. ginamit lang nila ang FIBA para mapatalsik ang BAP, and the PBA pretended for a short time to support RP basketball. mas mabuti pa ibalik na lang tayo ulit sa suspension. tama na ang charade. puro bata at college players lang ang ipapadala natin sa FIBA at olympic qualifiers.

Drahow ein Ente: ^is the PBA the Philippines?

Unfortunately, yes in FIBA's eyes and in terms of basketball, when you consider that they have cornered 90% of the best players in the country--the PBA has effectively hijacked basketball in this country.

Dangling the possibility of the PBA allowing it's players to participate with a new basketball entity if only the bap was abolished was used to deceive FIBA and abet the coup.

The final results were:

1) new people were in charge
2) the pba still went back to it's old ways (pre-noli eala)
3) we still ended up sending college and amateur players to major basketball tournaments.

Fiba got a wind of that, and since we've given up on sending our best players just to protect the PBA's business interests and their brand of basketball entertainment, I can't blame FIBA. If i were patrick baumann, i'd reinstate the RP back on the suspension list for allowing the PBA to continue it's existence.

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