Monday, August 23, 2010

About the Spain vs USA match...

Ricky Rubio was the best player in that game, even tho the stats don't show it. He outclassed all the american guards and lead the Spanish comeback that almost toppled Team USA.

Via twitter from John Schumann

Via @in_the_deep ... Calderon was a -20 on Sunday, while Rubio was a +19

Yup, that's about right to me.

And thank god Kevin Durant's jumper finally showed up.

Also notice during the last 2 minutes, Team USA initially went to billups/durant pick and roll, but switched to rose/odom in the last 2-3 plays. Smart move since i'd rather Billups and Durant be the spot up 3pt shooters during pick and roll play than Rose or Odom.

Also, Spain weren't holding back vs USA to hide their capabilities, unlike what some feared. Played hard and competitive basketball.

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