Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If contraction in the NBA happens...

which teams are prime targets? I say New Jersey, Toronto, Milwaukee, Detroit (the Shock already left), New Orleans, Memphis, Minnesota, LA Clippers and Sacramento.

Bonus: Cities that deserve their own NBA teams.

Las Vegas Nevada
Austin Texas
Brooklyn NY
Seattle Washington

Greg Anthony plays the race card anyway

Greg Anthony says he doesn't believe racism is the reason that NBA raising the minimum age from 19 to 20, but he brought it up anyway during the discussion and that's all he talked about without offering alternative less incediary explanations on why the league raised the age requirement.

The perception--Anthony claims--is that this is going to hurt black kids who will be denied early entrance. But he forgets to mention that this age requirement also protects proven veterans who are mostly black.

Greg is right that NBA owners don't have to draft these kids right out of high school, but the NBA as a private business, and doing what's in it's best interest--also have a right to put age restrictions (NOT race restrictions) on it's potential employees.

I'd also be for abolishing the age requirements if it would benefit the league, but I just don't see it. The influx of young players coming into the NBA in the late 90s and early 2000 with low BBALL IQ and shitty fundamentals were hurting the league's product at that time. You can cherry pick HS guys like Kobe or KG to make your case, but overall the quality of NBA suffered because the league became younger and players were unready. For every Kobe, there's Kwame. Portland got screwed because former HSer Jermaine O'Neal took 6 long years before he blossomed in Indiana.

It's not as if college is the only option for these HS kids. There's overseas. There's the D-League.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Adrian Wojnarowski undermines his case vs Lebron

Here's the background from Woj himself:

LeBron James(notes) has embraced the villain role in a most unprecedented way, pushing away from his peers and aligning himself with David Stern, Dan Gilbert and the owners desperate to destroy the Players Association. He left the sport stunned on Christmas Eve, searching for an understanding of why he would go so far to undermine the union on the cusp of an apocalyptic collective bargaining brawl.

James advocated contraction of teams, the loss of jobs and furthered the make-believe revision that the 1980s had a deeper pool of talent with fewer teams. “Watered down,” he called the NBA, and ownership has been gifted such a public-relations coup in its historic campaign to crush the players’ union.

Now here's where Adrian gets it wrong about 80s NBA in an effort to embarass James:

The 1980s were a romantic time in the sport, a golden era, but there weren’t more deeper, more talented teams in existence than today. It isn’t even close. The Lakers and Celtics were fantastic then, but they would have a hard time beating these Lakers and Celtics teams. Never mind the level of teams trying to beat San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, Utah and on and on.

And how about the Spurs dynasty, whose eclectic, international roster couldn’t have existed in the 1980s? San Antonio illustrates why the NBA has a much deeper talent pool now, and that’s because of the influx of international players in the game. There are reasons to love the ’80s over today’s game, but that has more to do with the competitive disdain the teams had, the way the Celtics and Lakers, the Pistons and 76ers, hated each other. For James to insist the NBA should do away with the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Jersey Nets so contenders could have Kevin Love(notes) or Devin Harris(notes) is preposterous.

2 points:

1) The Lakers and Celtics during Bird and Magic's time were one of the deepest teams in NBA history. The Lakers team in 87-88 had four players drafted #1 overall (Magic, Jabbar, Worthy, Mychal Thompson). The 86 Celtics had 5 Hall of Famers in its squad (Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ, Walton). Each team had talented supporting casts that were former All-Stars or would have been starters if they played for other teams. Nowadays, you couldn't get all these elite players in their prime to play for one team because of the salary cap.

2) Sure, there's a deeper pool of talent because of international players. But that is offset by: a) by expansion from 23 teams in 80s to 30 teams in 2010. b) American players are just not that skilled anymore in terms of shooting, back to the basket post plays, or bball IQ and fundamentals.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Jordan Rules" on Partisan Politics now more relevant than ever

In the age of internets, twitter and facebook, Michael Jordan's policy of taking neutral non-partisan positions on politics is more relevant than ever. Like he said, "Republicans buy shoes too." And vice versa.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NBA players with the best post moves at each position

by post moves, I mean a back-to-the-basket game. From 80s era to current NBA:

At Center: Jabbar, Olajuwon, Yao, Gasol
At Power Forward: Duncan, Barkley, McHale, Al Jefferson
At Small Forward: Worthy, Bird, Aguirre, Carmelo Anthony
At Shooting Guard: Kobe, MJ, etc etc
At Point Guard: Magic, Mark Jackson, Andre Miller, Gary Payton

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prediction the TEAM USA 2012 Roster

Guards: Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Dwayne Wade, Stephen Curry
Forwards: Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, David Lee
Center: Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why isn't Milos Teodosic playing in the NBA?

The guy is better than Ricky Rubio and Derrick Rose in FIBA setting. I'd really like to see him play for OKC. First be a backup PG, then let him earn the starting spot alongside Westbrook.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 FIBA Worlds Championship in Turkey Quarter-Finals prediction

Spain beats Serbia
Turkey beats Slovenia

USA beats Russia
Argentina beats Lithuania

Is Charles Barkley a hypocrite for criticizing Lebron for leaving Cleveland?

Truehoop: "Charles Barkley sure appeared to go to Phoenix chasing a ring. And now he's sticking it to LeBron James for doing something similar."

another ignorant post. charles wasn’t criticizing lebron for wanting to win a title. He criticized him for abandoning cleveland and lack of loyalty.

Lebron could have stayed in Cleveland and still be a championship contender. But he chose to make Miami the contender.

as for barkley, there’s good reason why he wanted out of philly.

a) his public feud with sixer owner harold katz
b) his last year with philly sucked. they missed the playoffs. they were mediocre.
c) he’s going to a new team where they are 10 deep. miami has 3 stars and little bench.

Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 FIBA Championships Turkey - Final Eight predictions

Schedules here.

Serbia beats Croatia
Spain beats Greece

Slovenia beats Australia
Turkey beats France

USA beats Angola
Russia beats New Zealand

Lithuania beats China
Argentina beats Brazil

Monday, August 23, 2010

About the Spain vs USA match...

Ricky Rubio was the best player in that game, even tho the stats don't show it. He outclassed all the american guards and lead the Spanish comeback that almost toppled Team USA.

Via twitter from John Schumann

Via @in_the_deep ... Calderon was a -20 on Sunday, while Rubio was a +19

Yup, that's about right to me.

And thank god Kevin Durant's jumper finally showed up.

Also notice during the last 2 minutes, Team USA initially went to billups/durant pick and roll, but switched to rose/odom in the last 2-3 plays. Smart move since i'd rather Billups and Durant be the spot up 3pt shooters during pick and roll play than Rose or Odom.

Also, Spain weren't holding back vs USA to hide their capabilities, unlike what some feared. Played hard and competitive basketball.

Why FIBA chose Lebanon over the Philippines in hosting next FIBA Asia Championship

lots of complaining over here.

the philippines isn't serious about it's international basketball participation anymore (just look at the PBA's actions of denying their players for the NT), that's why we got spurned. ginamit lang nila ang FIBA para mapatalsik ang BAP, and the PBA pretended for a short time to support RP basketball. mas mabuti pa ibalik na lang tayo ulit sa suspension. tama na ang charade. puro bata at college players lang ang ipapadala natin sa FIBA at olympic qualifiers.

Drahow ein Ente: ^is the PBA the Philippines?

Unfortunately, yes in FIBA's eyes and in terms of basketball, when you consider that they have cornered 90% of the best players in the country--the PBA has effectively hijacked basketball in this country.

Dangling the possibility of the PBA allowing it's players to participate with a new basketball entity if only the bap was abolished was used to deceive FIBA and abet the coup.

The final results were:

1) new people were in charge
2) the pba still went back to it's old ways (pre-noli eala)
3) we still ended up sending college and amateur players to major basketball tournaments.

Fiba got a wind of that, and since we've given up on sending our best players just to protect the PBA's business interests and their brand of basketball entertainment, I can't blame FIBA. If i were patrick baumann, i'd reinstate the RP back on the suspension list for allowing the PBA to continue it's existence.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Team USA could be in big trouble

Bill Simmons on Twitter:

sportsguy33 Not crazy about USA Hoops Final 13. Too small, too many G's, not enough boards. I'd dump Iggy & Westbrook for Blake Griffin.

sportsguy33 Also: Howard was foolish for skipping this thing. Dwight, we've seen you play. Nobody needs the alpha dog reps more than you.

John Hollinger:

johnhollinger Somebody want to explain to me why US is keeping five PGs -- three of whom can't shoot 3s -- and only one C?

Marc Stein:


Since my last post on Team USA, their other center Brook Lopez has dropped out as well.

The remaining players on that 13-man squad are Rondo, Curry, Billups, Rose, Westbrook, Igoudala, Gordon, Gay, Odom, Love, Granger, Chandler, and Durant.

This is too late, but if I were Colangelo I would have considered Jason Richardson (watch the Suns playoffs, he's an excellent spot-up shooter behind the 3pt line) and Anthony Morrow. As for the lack of size of this team, there are no solutions left since most of the bigs have either refused to join or are not worth it.

Spain and USA will meet in the semis and the USA team is in danger or missing the finals here. Greece and Argentina will likely meet in the other group semis.

China's meaner new-look basketball Uniforms

Unveiled today when they went up against Puerto Rico.

It's not the traditional red unis anymore.

The Back side.

Another view.
(Photo source: Reuters)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maybe the best Latino duo in NBA history?

Mark Aguirre and Rolando Blackman of the Dallas Mavericks during the eighties. Aguirre (pronounced like Mark Mcgwire) is half Mexican. Rolando Blackman was born in Panama. Aguirre was a dominant scorer. Blackman was a terrific shooter. And they almost derailed the Lakers repeat attempt in the 1988 WCF.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why does the UK suck at Basketball?

I posted that question at Yahoo! Answers, and I really didn't really like the answers.

UPDATE: The Man Who Will Save British Basketball

Will Spain win FIFA + FIBA World Championships this year?

They've already won the soccer part. Will they be also 2010 FIBA Champs in Turkey? They are currently ranked #1, with Greece and USA right behind them.

Why Lebron should be insulted with Pippen Comparisons

Scottie Pippen may be a great defender and unselfish ballhandler and distributor, but he's one of the biggest chokers on that Bulls team, playing alongside one of the best clutch players in NBA history. He really can't shoot, and most of his shot conversions are layups, dunks or short shot attempts. He's a career 70.4% shooter. If teams were allowed to play zone during that time, his half-court offensive efficiency would be even worse-- with him shooting around 42-43% FG/season very likely.

I remember when Penny Hardaway was in his second year, I rated him higher than Pippen. And during that same time, Grant Hill I also considered a much better player than Pip.

Pippen may have led his team to 55 wins the year after Jordan's first retirement, but i chalk that up as them overachieving. The 2006 Suns also made it to the WCF without Amare, and this year's Blazers team won 50 games despite injuries from Roy, Oden, Pryzbilla, Batum, Fernandez. One thing you'll notice is that that 1994 Bulls team near the end was beginning to fall apart under Pippen's leadership. In 1995, they started so poorly they almost missed the playoffs, with the season saved by Michael's comeback.

So back to Lebron James. Yes, be insulted. You're the biggest star in the NBA and 2-time MVP, and they compare you to Pippen? Dwayne Wade is no Michael, but Wade > Pippen. IMHO.

ADD: At the end of the 1994 Bulls season, everybody wanted out of that team. Including Pippen.

2nd ADD: The rehabilitation of Scottie Pippen continues.

3rd ADD: Do you recall any Pippen game-winning shot moments?